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Harry Archer
Graphic Design
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— Call of duty black ops 4 online launch

Jess Leney Tillett’s 2018 graduate collection. The collection is inspired by Parisian glamour and takes pattern and extravagance to a new extreme in a slick manner.


The spreads have strict rules so the book works as a whole. The dimensions of the spreads are exact and the hierarchy on the pages is very considered. Through discussion with the designer we are highlighting the important aspects of the clothing. As well as informing the reader of the materials and other logistics the collection has going on.


Publication — A4, 44 pages, Heaven 42.


Showcased at Graduate Fashion Week.


A collaboration with Alex Rooney and Jess Leney-Tillett.

— JESS LENEY-TILLETT 2018 graduate collection look-book

The satirical look-book “WASSERSPEIER” allows guttering to be sexy and beautiful. This is due to a discovery I made whilst researching into gargoyle culture regarding my dissertation.


British Parliament passed a law in the 18th century that made downpipes compulsory in any new construction. This law effectively banned gargoyles. Through bending and adding a splash of colour to adorn the gutters, they become unrecognisable. The publication shows this through photography that draws in the eye with sexy curves and the malleable form.


The publication can be viewed as one long gutter as a concertina or can be experienced just through a simple flip motion.


Publication — 200 x 280mm, 12 pages, photographic semi-gloss paper.


A pivot move for the brand Camden Town Brewery, a concept that evolves from the wine and food pairing. This is a beer and food pairing.


A method to experience the wonderful taste of the beers Camden Town Brewery offer with a restaurant concept that changes fast food. The restaurant offers only one dish per day that is meant to be consumed whilst having a corresponding beer colour, such as the Gentleman’s WIT is yellow and is paired with the yellow board.


Upon entrance to the Camden Beer ‘N’ Bite, you are faced with the 4 boards and 4 dishes of the day. You pick the board off of the wall and take a seat. The kitchen will start cooking the dish you selected, whilst you are brought a can of the beer corresponding to the board. This is the beer that has been designed to bring out the flavours inside the dish to their full potential. The choice to have a can of beer rather than a pint is so the restaurant is treated like a brand experience. Not necessarily a place to spend an evening in drinking with friends or colleagues, but a small stop for lunch or early dinner.


The Kingston Pound brief was set by the Kingston Council wanting to bring their own paper currency into the borough, in an attempt to keep the money inside the borough for local businesses.


The brief set spoke about wanting to bring a design that branches out to each part of the borough, had a sense of rebellion and represented Kingston in an all around manner.


My design is heavily influenced by a fact I discovered, which is that New Malden (a part of the borough) has the largest population of Koreans outside of Korea. This in mind I researched a lot into Korean design and used elements of this to push the development. The final design contains Korean typography as number denomination and concentric circles as theme throughout.


Not wanting to forget about Kingston’s rich heritage, I made a variety of kings crowns the forefront of the design. As well as incorporating designs that entice the consumer to collect these as a memento, such as the Kingston bridge which runs down the designs as a set, as shown above.


Full Specification breakdown here.

— Kingston Pound (K£)

Spill Your Beans is a photographic campaign highlighting that men should talk about their mental health issues more and break the stigma that talking about their emotions makes them less of a man.


Using the medium of coffee, a conversational drink, we have shot people going about their daily professions but placed a large coffee Hessian bag on their head resting on their shoulders. This symbolises that these men not talking about their emotions, the bag is weighing them down and getting in the way. As well as the coffee bag acting as a visual aid for hostility, men being hostage to their emotions.


This campaign would be working alongside Kenco, a brand that prides itself in making a difference in the world for the better.


A collaboration with Alex Rooney and Lauren Denney.

— spill the beans

Groupdesk is a revolutionary desk that was fuelled by the hypothesis that “curved desks encourage collaboration”.


The theory and workspaces creatives sit in are mainly squared and rectangle, these dimensions bring you further away from each other. The close proximity of our desk means the distance you are means you want to talk. The taboo of screen glancing should not be frowned upon but embraced as creatives bounce off one another and we are wanting to make this easier. We have presented the desk in a flip-book form so you can see every angle of the desk and it was the best way we could think of to show off our design.


We want to create a space in which creative conversations thrive. Groupdesk aims to improve communication between users by changing the format of the desk we have become so accustomed to.


Desk dimensions — 2440 x 1220 mm, 18mm furniture grade plywood.


A collaboration with Alex Rooney.


Small craft beer company called Southsea Brewing wanted some design work done in return for a keg of beer for our show.


I created a re-brand for the company to be a much more eye catching design, hugely inspired by the colours of the names of beer they have, such as “Heavy Artillery” grey and “Lights Out” yellow.


These colours are contrasted with the sort of experiences of skies you would encounter whilst being in an English town by the shore, such as dark and dreary, blue skies and night time.


The brand itself, brews inside the famous Southsea castle walls, hence their slogan “crafted in the castle” on Portsmouth’s shoreline. The design I present has a small section of the castle wall to show this, as well as a series of bottles lined up showcase the entirety of the castle wall. Offering a subtle enticement to collect or present the brand in a unifying manner.

— Southsea brewery

Activision's latest instalment in the Call of Duty franchise.


Designing the online banners, statics and takeovers for the global launch campaign. This included pre/post launch, over 1000 graphics in total. These were translated for every territory in the world where Call of Duty Black Ops 4 would be launching.


Interning at FivebyFive Global.